Jewelry with EAC

For luxury items, custom accessories are essential. In addition to setting apart a brand, product line or individual item, custom hardware often serves as a brand identifier and signals both quality and craftsmanship.

Metal hardware – clips, snaps, hooks, ornamentation – may be considered secondary to the overall design of many products, but it is often a key opportunity for differentiation and branding. For many brands, metal ornamentation serves as a key design detail, garnering recognition and generating additional value. While lower-tier goods often rely on offthe-shelf hardware due to cost constraints, luxury brands opt for custom designs to signal value and exclusivity.

The Shop System makes it easy to incorporate features, like sweeping, organic shapes, internal cavities and precisely interwoven parts, that would otherwise be difficult – if not impossible – to produce.

The earring as seen in the image below features internal cavities that are enclosed by the part. To produce these designs via traditional manufacturing methods, the wires would need to be precisely woven before being attached at the ends, a process that would be too slow and expensive to justify. Since the Shop
System prints in a bed of powder these internal cavities are supported throughout the entire printing process allowing for their easy fabrication.